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Media and Technology Trends that Will Define a Competitive 2021

Media and technology platforms revolutionized the way people spent their time during the pandemic. The reward was a record increase in subscriber rates followed by new entrants that increased competition. Now media and technology brands are searching for innovative ways to retain their customer base while competing with bigger players, a smaller new subscriber pool, and society that’s itching for outdoor, in-person experiences.

Movable Ink’s Media & Technology 2021 Trends eBook is a deep dive into 2020’s rapid growth and an examination of how media brands can retain their new customer base. Learn more about the industry’s new directions now that the pandemic is subsiding and how digital marketers can build dynamic, personalized campaigns that foster engagement and retention.

Download the eBook and discover:

  • Why media and technology platforms are shifting from new subscriber acquisition to retention marketing
  • How new services altered the playing field
  • What marketers can do to create sophisticated, creative, and scalable campaigns that keep customers engaged post-pandemic

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