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Audience of One: Creating Loyalty Through Data Personalization

Marketing Personalization Retail Consumer Feedback

  • 44%of retail consumers are willing to share their location and cell phone number for more personalized marketing
  • 25%say brand communications are most important during the initial research phase for a new product or service
  • 43%of retail consumers say email communications about sales, promotions, or offers are most helpful when evaluating products or services

Retail consumers want personalization. That’s what Movable Ink’s Audience of One: Getting Personalization Right in 2022 consumer survey reveals. Your customers are searching for shopping experiences that make it quick and easy to buy their favorite products online. That starts with personalization.

Retail consumers are willing to concede data to the brands they trust. Audience of One lays the groundwork for building that trust by detailing the information your customers want to trade for more personalized marketing.

Download the report today to learn more about:

  • What your customers want from marketing communications
  • The role of machine learning and AI in delivering optimized messages
  • How consistent omnichannel experiences build loyalty

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