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In the Name of Retention

Personalization lies at the heart of a happy, long-time customer.

The most tangible and impressive results come from your already dedicated customers, not the ones you have yet to entice.

  • 78%of consumers are more likely to repurchase from a brand that uses personalization.
  • 72%of consumers only engage with personalized messaging.
  • 5xmore costly to attract new customers than retain existing ones.

In today’s world, brand trust matters. How is this trust created? Through a personalized strategy that puts them at the forefront of your brand’s marketing communications. Once you have them hooked, lifetime loyalty is bound to skyrocket.

Retaining your already existing customers is more important now than ever. Download the In the Name of Retention eBook to discover how 1:1 messaging is the most impactful way to keep them close.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify how to build a true loyalist out of your customer base
  • Understand the key influence a retention strategy has over an acquisition strategy
  • Learn to create a personalized loyalty program that puts your customers front and center
  • Uncover winback strategies that are sure to get your customers to come around again

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