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[eBook] - The Three Tiers of Mobile Personalization

Movable Ink’s eBook, The Three Tiers of Mobile Personalization, takes a deep dive into why brands need mobile apps and 1:1 mobile messages. Rich push notifications and in-app messages present an opportunity for marketers to reach customers with engaging content, even if they don’t have every martech bell and whistle.

The mobile messaging field will get crowded soon. By the end of 2021, 90% of consumer brands will have a mobile app. The brands with better rich push notifications, the companies that deploy personalized in-app notifications, will be the ones that stand out from the busy field.

The eBook tackles
  • Why 1:1 mobile messages are the future of consumer brand marketing
  • The difference between contextual, behavioral, and customer data personalization
  • How to personalize rich push notifications and in-app messages at every layer of data sophistication

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